Former NZ premier Lange marks award with Chinese food

The Borneo Post - Saturday, 4 October 2003

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AUCKLAND: Former New Zealand Prime Minister David Lange planned to eat a Chinese meal in an understated celebration of winning an " alternative Nobel".

Lange was one of the winners of the right Livelihood Awards which he will accept at a ceremony at the Swedish parliament on December 8.

Lange, who received the Right Livelihood Honourary Award, was recognised "for his steadfast work over many years for a world free of nuclear weapons".

His government in 1984 passed legislation that banned nuclear-powered and armed vessels, including aircraft, from New Zealand territory.

It also promoted the South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone Treaty.

The United States reacted to the policy against weapons of mass destruction by cancelling all defence exercises, cutting intelligence sharing and demoting Wellington from ally to "friend".

Lange told local radio he was going to have a quiet day.

"I am going to my daughter and her friend out and we are going to go eventually to an Asian food court and that is the sort of day i will have."

Lange in recent years has had several near brushes with death and is still seriously ill with a rare plasma disorder, amyloisdosis. - AFP