Fernleaf's campaign to promote quality nutrition
Sarawak Tribune - TUESDAY 13 May 2003

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KUALA LUMPUR - Fernleaf, New Zealand Milk Malaysia's flagship brand, launched a "Fernleaf, Milk for Fussy Parents" campaign at the MidValley Mega Mall recently in an attempt to give the very best for children in Malaysia, especially superior quality nutrition.

The event aimed to affirm Fernleaf's position as the "Milk Perfectionist" who understands how naturally fussy parents are about their children's nutrition, and how Fernleaf is able to meet those needs by producing high quality, superior nutrition milk for growing children.

"As a 'Milk Perfectionist,' we too are just as fussy about the way we produce milk. We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that it is 100 percent perfect for Fernleaf," said David Ross, marketing director of New Zealand Milk Malaysia. He also explained in detail about the manufacturing process of Fernleaf milk from cows grazing in the pastures to processing plant quality control to final distribution network.

He elaborated on New Zealand Milk's secret to producing 'that 100 percent perfect milk' for Fernleaf, ensuring only the highest quality milk is collected.

"Fernleaf products are the result of innovative research and development by the Fonterra Research Centre in New Zealand, the world's largest research and development establishment dedicated to dairy for over 75 years," said Ross.

For instance, Fernleafs extensive research has resulted in its unique Nutri-Care formulation found in Fernleaf 1+ and 3+ Growing Up Milk Powders (GUMP).

Nutri-Care is a breakthrough nutrient complex consisting of vitamin A, C, E, Zinc and Selenium that helps strengthen body resistance and contribute to the overall growth and development of children during their early growing up years, according to New Zealand Milk Malaysia's Senior Nutritionist Chor Yin Fun.

New Zealand Milk (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd carries a range of milk and milk-based products such as Fernleaf, Anlene, Anmum, Ucare, Essential And Chesdale.

New Zealand Milk (Malaysia) was established in 1975 and is committed to providing quality products that are constantly researched and developed by its in-house nutritional team for the Malaysian market.

GIVING THE VERY BEST ... Fernleaf products to give children the very best in quality nutrition.