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Friday, 06 June 2003 

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New Zealand hopes to transfer the relevant skills and technology in future collaborations with Sarawak.

Its Trade Negotiations and Agricuture Minister, Encik Jim Sutton says New Zealand, whose bilateral. ties with Malaysia date. back to the 1950s from the Colombo Plan and shared security concerns, is considering establishing joint ventures in tourism, education, agriculture, food processing and forestry in Sarawak.

Speaking to reporters in Kuching today after opening the New Zealand Centre at Pending, he said his country had its own particular skills and technology that would be applicable in Sarawak.

On the potential of tourism collaboration, Encik Jim Sutton said Sarawak and New Zealand could create first class opportunities and experiences in the region that could attract long-haul travellers from America and Europe to visit these two destinations.

Last year, Sarawak accounted for five per cent of the 2.4-billion ringgit worth of two--way trade between New Zealand and Malaysia, which is its eighth largest bilateral trading partner.