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Friday, 06 June 2003 

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Deputy Chief Minister, Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr George Chan said Sarawak, which mainly imported agriculture-related Kiwi products including meat, fish, fruit and vegetables could consider exporting its tropical fruits and seafood as well as timber to that country.

Speaking to reporters after witnessing the opening of New Zealand Centre in Kuching this morning, Datuk Amar Dr George Chan said local universities could set up linkages and colloboration with certain universities in New Zealand to enchance the learning experiences of students from both places.

He said Sarawak could provide specific courses to enable Kiwi students to spend and study for part of their semester in Sarawak or undertake post-graduate studies and vice-versa.

He said Sarawak, which comparatively had the highest number of graduates who had studied overseas, was able to attract international students, including from China, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines to enrol, especially in the privately-run varsity campuses Like, Curtin.

On the New Zealand Centre, Dr George was optimistic that it would actively promote education links with New Zealand besides improving trade and business links between Malaysia and New Zealand, particularly Sarawak.